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Movie Review for Avengers Endgame

I just finished watching Avengers Endgame in the Chinese cinema from midnight to 3:00 am. Here are my main thoughts, without spoilers.

This 3-hour epic has got to be one of the largest-scale efforts I’ve ever seen.

I did like Infinity War, but didn’t feel that it quite met the level I expected it could have, or perhaps should have. Endgame, however, successfully surpassed my expectations.

(watch my short Avengers Endgame review video below, shot just minutes after the film as I walked back to my hotel)

If you haven’t seen all of the other Marvel films, then you won’t understand the significance of everything that happens in this film at best, and at worst there will be some things that downright confuse you.

The only Marvel film I didn’t watch was Captain Marvel, primarily because of Brie Larson and the hateful feminist agenda on and off the screen, but it didn’t cause me any issues in understanding the film or story. So, if you’re concerned about that, then fear no more: nothing in Captain Marvel is necessary for this film.

Does Captain Marvel Screw-Up Avengers Endgame?

A second note about Captain Marvel is that, like I mention in this video, I was worried about how much she would actually be in this film and how integral she would be in taking out Thanos and/or correcting his infamous “snap” from the previous film. My fears were not only put to rest with this film, but I even gained some satisfaction by seeing that she’s not the all-powerful demigod she’s made out to be.

Furthermore, she’s largely missing from I would say about 90% of the film, which is just fine by me! I don’t care about the character nor the actress.

Just how good is Avengers Endgame?

The film isn’t perfect as I say in the video, and while no film is, this one really does set a high bar for scale, performances, emotion, intensity, effects, complexity, and tying up loose ends. If we pick it apart and go over it with a fine-toothed comb, no doubt we’ll find errors.

However, since they actually tied this in with all of the other characters, their timelines, and the independent films they’ve been pumping out over the years, I have to say that I am nothing short of impressed and felt like applauding along with the Chinese audience at times. They cheered and applauded several times, including the end, and one girl was crying all the way to the elevator.

How was screen time distribution between the characters in Avengers Endgame?

There were some key characters who got some important screen time, which I loved. However, sometimes those very same characters would just suddenly kind of disappear for a while, leaving me to wonder “Hey, what’s he/she doing? Where is he/she?” It just felt odd to me, like the writers and director either forgot about them or just couldn’t find a way to squeeze them in again without making the movie over 4 hours long.

A simple, overall summary of Avengers Endgame

In summary I’ll say that this film has all of the main elements that a “final” film should have. It is highly emotional, doesn’t always rush to squeeze everything in, gives a little fan service, pays proper homage to the comics’ reputation, and actually does a good job of wrapping it all up.

I’ll definitely be going back to see it again, this time during the daytime! If this is one of those films where you’re wondering “Hmm….should I really see this in the cinema, or just watch it on my TV?” I would have to say that even if you have a 100″ 5k TV at home, it won’t come close to matching what I just witnessed on the 3rd row of the IMAX theater! It felt like I was practically sitting right in the middle of the action (which was well-choreographed and well-done).

I would definitely recommend it and I’m quite certain that it will not only break box office records, but also garner high ratings and positive comments from viewers and nab some awards. If only Hollywood special effects films would focus as much on their stories as they did with this film and its connection to the others…oh well.

Hope this is useful for you and enjoy the film! I know you will. -B