Info About MAF

Hello everyone, my name is Brandon A. English, the creator of MAF, and I love to make films.

I have many interests and have no interest in boring work. In just a little over 40 years, I have had about as many jobs (that I can actually remember); as a teen, I even worked at McDonald’s for one afternoon before quitting. Some positions I’ve held for a few hours, some a few days, and few for more than a couple of years. Obviously, there are many who really, really don’t like such a portfolio of events in one’s background, but then again, I don’t often consider the attractive appearance of my CV for that “nice” office job like some do.

Sitting at that desk, for me, may as well be sitting at a drill press (again). I just can’t take the repetition — but it’s also not my love. was created just recently, in 2019. At the time of its inception, I have had no direct, professional film experience. However, from my youth, I have spent hundreds of hours creating various video-related projects, which include sketch comedies, music videos, short films, wedding videos, live concerts, vlogs, animated shorts, and even a full-length feature film. While none of this work is considered “professional,” I am currently striving to create a higher level film product and eventually enter the mainstream film community as a recognized talent in my own style and right.

As I sit and write this introduction page, I ponder about what to share and what to keep to myself. Throughout my life I’ve had the tendency to speak out the things that most annoy my family, often getting the harsh, loud, and angry “SHH!” when I would state the truth of the matter, rather than allow the facade to masquerade as the reality. This trend has continued throughout my adulthood and persists to this day.

Still, I sometimes hesitate to share everything with you in a medium like this or on vlogs because, to be honest, two reasons seem to hold me back:

1. Fear

2. Fear

Actually, when I originally thought of two reasons, I realized that both of them — along with any others that I came up with — were related to only fear.

You see, for too long, I was afraid of being rejected, ignored, looked down on, ashamed of, attacked, or even of losing further opportunities in the film community because of what I reveal. It’s truly a tough thing to walk around with so many life scars and trauma yet not always feel confident enough to show them or draw from them.

Today I decided, however, that I would meet fear head-on and take-up this website as a way to help build who I am and what I desire out of life. I may not be considered a professional in the eyes of most, but I have proven myself to be helpful to others in various ways, and therefore have important things to share. As a creative, passionate, contemplative, caring, and forward-thinking guy, I know that I have much to offer this earth.

I hope that as I learn and grow, others can benefit as well — no matter if it’s simply in filmmaking, or perhaps in something even bigger.

I’d like to know that one day, I have not only shown people how I went from teaching English to owning my own film production company, but also inspired a young boy or girl to take up their own camera and begin to show others what’s in their hearts as well. I hope that one day, people will not only learn from me about dynamic range in a video camera, but that I might also help them to see their own dynamic range so that they are able to overcome their fears and take daily steps towards their heart’s desires.

Today, I believe that the film industry has become too fixated on strictly entertainment, which I have learned from art history courses is the lowest form of art. It distracts us from the things–and people–what are truly important, and therefore the goal for my career is to create films which not only engage the audience, but also touch them on a deeper level and give them a prompt to good change.

I’ll leave it here for now.

Please check out my introduction video once I have uploaded it, and please feel free to subscribe to my new Make a Film Channel.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you here, there, or on the screen.