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The Films of Brandon A. English

The Films of Brandon A. English

Below is a tentative list of my main short and feature films since 2012. Links and more info will be included as time permits.

If you’re interested in checking out a bit more info about me, there’s some info about Brandon A. English on IMDB


Films are listed from latest to oldest:

Empty Chairs (2016, US) Short Film – Writer, Director, Actor

EC is my latest short film and though shooting was a tad rushed and I had a friend from China basically go crazy on the set, my friends took up much of the slack and pulled it out. My lead actor in the film spent months working with me from afar, as I was still in China and he in Texas. He memorized the complete script and really threw himself into it. Last-minute dropouts caused us to look to a couple of other friends to fill the gaps and they did it splendidly. My close friend Josh and I had dreams of expanding this story and felt like it could be much bigger. It’s a good film and was an excellent learning in experience in many ways.

3 Tasks (2016, China) Feature Film – Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

So far, this film is my crowning achievement. During my English teaching days in Jiangsu, China, the students saw my short films and then pushed me to make a film with them. Around 50 people volunteered to work on a film project and I decided that this was too many for a short film, so I set to work pulling together a script idea I’d created while living in Guangzhou a year before. My idea was to shoot this film entirely in Chinese, but my students had other plans and pushed me to use English only. I thought it would be crazy, but then thought “What the heck” and so we went with it. I’m glad I did. What we got was one of the most unique films I’ve ever seen in my life, and not only is it the very first fully-English film to be shot in China, it is also the very first feature film to ever be completely shot in English by a non-native cast. It truly is an accomplishment for me in many ways, as it is also my first-ever full-length feature film, and only one so far to-date. Very proud of my cast and crew, whom I had to teach lights, sound, cameras, acting, English, and more. After a year and a half of production, we finally finished and rented a huge movie theater screen upon which to watch it — and it was amazing to see our work come to live in the cinema. Such great, special, and one-of-a-kind memories.

Winning at English (2015, China) Short Film – Writer, Director, Editor, Actor

This short series of short-shorts came out funny and was literally cooked-up and shot within two days without any type of script. My friend wanted to shoot something and we had the time and my camera, so we put this together — a short about a Chinese man who seems to be stalked by a mysterious foreigner trying to get him to speak English. The man keeps running away in fear until finally he decides to do something about it. It’s not serious at all but is a fun little film, especially if you have studied or taught a language, even more so abroad.

Epoc (2014, China) Short Film – Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

This was my first-ever film to be shot overseas in China, where I decided to try and bring to live a very symbolic representation of what childhood trauma looks like as it continues to haunt people into their adulthood. It was shot in just a few days with only a few friends, but it took me months to work out the intricate details of the highly symbolic script. I still think this film is a gem that stands on its own. It is also the first film I ever made in another language, as it only contains Mandarin and Cantonese, with English subtitles.

Goodbye, Goodbye (2012, US) Short Film – Writer, Director, Editor, Actor, Theme

This was my first-ever entry into a film festival and, despite having to make many compromises, am still proud of it. Tight schedule, crew shooting conflicts, snooty actors who wanted to change the script and wouldn’t do the project, and broken-down rendering setups couldn’t stop us from getting it down. An inexperienced friend stepped-in to take over the female lead, while I worked onscreen opposite her as the central male character, all while directing and setting up the sets with the crew. Several of us worked hard on this so I can’t be more proud of them.

Stoked (2012, US) Short Film – Writer, Director, Editor, Actor

This is actually only a clip from Stoked, as I haven’t gone back to replace the music. When I originally edited this film, I used copyrighted music so having it on YouTube wasn’t really an option. When I get around to swapping out the music and doing the final effects for the end of the film, I’ll post the entire thing here.